waterproofing agent

waterproofing agent
Water Proofing Agent/Water-repellent admixture
(This product requires the customer to provide relevant product indicators, The customer needs to confirm the waterproof level)
Waterproofing agent refers to the admixture that can reduce the permeability of concrete under hydrostatic pressure. It is used to improve the impermeability of concrete and improve the durability of concrete.
Index Water Proofing Agent/Water-repellent admixture
Appearance Brown yellow powder
Solid Content (%) 95 min
PH Value 7-9
Chloride Content (%) 0.01 max
Sodium Sulphate Content (%) 5 max
Total Alkali Content 0.3% max
Index Water Proofing Agent/Water-repellent admixture
Appearance Dark brown liquid
Solid Content (%) 40 min
Density 1.15-1.22
PH Value 7-9
Chloride Content (%) 0.01 max
Sodium Sulphate Content (%) 5 max
Total Alkali Content 0.3 max
Application Scope
1) It is applicable for all precast reinforced concrete and cast-in-place reinforced concrete.
2) It is applicable for high strength, ultra-high strength and moderate strength concrete,and is ideal for early-strength, antifreeze and large fluidity concrete.
3) It is used as the master batch of various kinds of compound concrete admixture.
Product Property 
1) It has good dispersion effect on cement, which greatly improves the fluidity of mixing materials, concrete slump can reach 18cm~ 25cm.
2) Water reducing rate can reach 15%~ 30%. High water reducing rate can improve the concrete strength at different age: 3 days can increase 20%-60%; during 3rd day to 7th day can increase 15%-50%; the age of 7th day to 28th day can increase 10%-40%. For the same concrete strength, it can save 10%-25% cement consumption.
3) It can improve the impermeability, freeze resistance and corrosion resistance of
concrete, reduce the shrink and creep, improve the durability of concrete and prolong its service life.
4) It has good adaptability to all kinds of cement and compatibility with other types of concrete admixtures, so the application range is very wide.
5) Non-delayed coagulation and non-air entraining, no obvious effect on concrete setting time.
6) No and few chloride ion, no corrosion to steel bars.
Recommended dosage and usage 
According to the project requirements, decide the dosage by test. Usually, the suggested dosage is 1.5%-5.0%. Usually, this product is added into the blender together with water. If add before concrete casting, after suitable blending the performance will be better. This product can also mix with cementing materials first, then blend with water.
Matters need attention
1. Water-proofing agent should be added according to the amount recommended by the supplier, and the excess amount should be determined by test. 5-25mm continuous graded stones should be used for waterproof concrete.
2. The early curing of waterproof concrete should be strengthened, and the wet curing should not be less than 7d.
3. The surface temperature of waterproof concrete structure should not exceed 100℃; otherwise, protective measures should be taken to block off heat source. For waterproof concrete in corrosive medium, anti-corrosion measures should be taken when the corrosion resistance coefficient is less than 0.8.
Package and Storage
Package:Powder package with woven fabric bag with plastic liner, including 25kg/50kg bag. Liquid package with 200kg drum,IBC tank and Flexitank.
Storage:It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry.Its shelf life is one year, if after the expiration date, it can continue to use when the testing results fall within the established range.
Transportation:This product is non-toxic and non- explosive. It can be transported by truck, ship and train.


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