Foaming agent

Foaming agent
Product introduction
Concrete foaming agent is the yellow viscous liquid, can make concrete in the preparation process of physical and chemical reaction, produce and release gas, in the concrete to form a large number of air concrete additives.When foaming agent is added to the concrete, small bubbles will be generated inside the concrete, increasing the volume of cement slurry while reducing the friction between sand and gravel, thus improving the workability of concrete and reducing water consumption by mixing water, and improving the ability of concrete to resist freeze-thaw cycle. 
Technical Data
Index Foaming agent liquid
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Solid Content (%) 50 min
Density 1.05-1.12
PH Value 5-7
 Chloride Content (%) 0.01 max
Advantages of foamed concrete
First, environmental protectionFoamed concrete is made of cement and foaming agent, cement is needless to say, foaming agent is a neutral product, does not contain benzene and formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so avoid the pollution of the environment and harm to human health.Second, the construction is convenient. Foamed concrete only needs to use the cement foaming machine to realize the automation work, may pump to realize the vertical height 200 meters long distance transportation, the workload is 150-300 cubic meters/working day.It can also improve work efficiency!

Third, lightweight.The density of foaming agent concrete is relatively small, especially in recent years, the density of 160kg/m3 German ultra-light concrete is more widely used in construction engineering.Because foamed concrete has a relatively small density, it is lighter than other similar products.But lightweight foamed concrete has more carrying capacity than ordinary concrete. 
Fourth, good thermal insulation performance.Because foamed concrete contains a large number of closed small pores, so it has good thermal performance, namely good thermal insulation performance, which is not available in ordinary concrete.Fifth, good anti-seismic effect.Foamed concrete is a new type of lightweight thermal insulation material with a large number of closed pores, and its large number of pores makes it shockproof, which can reduce the impact force of other items on itself under disasters, because its own characteristics can absorb part of the impact force and disperse part of the impact force.Fifth, sound insulation and fire resistance.Foamed concrete is a porous material, so relative to ordinary concrete, foamed concrete can absorb and disperse part of the noise, to achieve the "muffler" effect.Generally in high-rise buildings and tell the highway more common this material.

Application range of foamed concrete
Making foaming cement with this foaming agent has the characteristics of low consumption, low cost and stable quality, etc. Concrete foaming agent can greatly produce foaming concrete and foaming cement, so it is widely used in floor heating engineering and roof insulation engineering, which can significantly reduce the construction cost.
At the same time, foam concrete with its good thermal insulation, shock and sound insulation effect, very light quality at the same time than ordinary concrete has better bearing capacity.Widely used in energy-saving wall materials, the application of foam concrete in our country is mainly the roof foam concrete insulation layer in situ, foam concrete block, foam concrete lightweight wallboard, foam concrete compensation foundation.However, by making full use of the good characteristics of foamed concrete, the application field of foamed concrete in construction engineering can be continuously expanded to accelerate the project progress and improve the project quality.It can be used for building insulation, floor heating, roof insulation, mine and pipeline backfilling, insulation, as well as the construction of sports fields and track tracks.

Product use and packaging
The product is liquid, and water is added in a certain proportion, usually 80-120 times of water. Then the foamed concrete is added into the concrete through mixing and foaming process. Finally, the foamed concrete is pumped to the construction site.Packaging: sealed plastic drum /IBC tank, including 200kg drum, 1100kg IBC tank, or according to customer requirements packaging.


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