Accelerating agent

Accelerating agent
Flash setting admixture is the admixture that makes cement concrete set quickly and harden. The main purpose of adding Flash setting admixture is to quickly set new shotcrete, increase the thickness of one injection, shorten the time interval between two sprays, improve the early strength of shotcrete, in order to provide support resistance in time.
Technical Data
Index Flash setting admixture/Accelerating agent
Chloride Content (%) 0.1 max
Total Alkali Content (%) 15
Density  g/m3 1.4±0.02
Initial setting time 5mins max
Final setting time 12mins max
1 day strength 8
28 day strength 70
Application Scope
The accelerating agent is mainly used to prepare shotcrete and water-stop-water quick-setting early-strength concrete.
1. Initial support and final lining for underground plants such as subway engineering, underground tunnel, hydraulic culvert, mine shaft entry and so on.
2. Repair and reinforcement of damaged buildings such as workshops and chimneys.
3. Slope and slope works and various foundation works for roads, houses, DAMS, etc.
4.  New type of sheet and folded sheet construction.
Main performance characteristics1.    Coagulation time: 1 ~ 5min of initial coagulation and 5 ~ 10min of coagulation, suitable for 3 to 5% of the amount of gelation material.2.    Alkali metal content < 1%, non - toxic, tasteless, no stimulation.3.    Fineness: 80 mu m hole sieve, sieve residue is less than 10%.
4.    The initial strength of the injection concrete was high, and the strength of the compressive strength was 80 to 100%.5.    It has good adhesion and no rust effect on the steel bar. It can improve the anti-seepage label, solidifies fast, and has a thick layer of spray layer. It can reach 130mm, and the wall can reach more than 200mm. 
Key points of application technology
1. When using Flash setting admixture, it is necessary to pay full attention to the adaptability of cement, correctly select the dosage of Flash setting admixture and control the use conditions.
2. Note that the dosage of Flash setting admixture must be appropriate
3.  Pay attention to the water glue ratio in 0.4-0.5, not too large。
4. shotcrete due to the large amount of cement, high sand rate and the influence of accelerating agent, drying shrinkage value will usually increase, so pay attention to wet curing when forming, to prevent cracking
5. Select the appropriate type of Flash setting admixture according to the engineering requirements
It is recommended that you select the appropriate dosage and setting time before use.
Package, Storage and Transportation
Package: This product is liquid type,package with 200kg drum,IBC tank and Flexitank.
Storage:It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry. If caking and lumped, just sieve it by 0.63mm mesh or make it into solution, then use it. Usually, its shelf life is one year, if after the expiration date, it can continue to use when the testing results fall within the established range.
Transportation: This product is non-toxic and non- explosive. It can be transported by truck, ship and train.


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