Set retarding superplasticizer/Naphthalene based set retarding superplasticizer

Set retarding superplasticizer/Naphthalene based set retarding superplasticizer
Retarding superplasticizer is a concrete admixture composed of high performance superplasticizer, moderate amount of retarding component and reasonable air entrainment component.High water reduction rate, significant enhancement effect, can obviously improve the concrete fluidity and working degree, the initial setting before the retarder effect is obvious, the final setting after the early strength effect is significant, can greatly improve the strength of concrete at all ages, to cement varieties more widely adapted.High strength concrete below C80 can be prepared by mixing with silicon powder or mineral superfine admixtures without corrosion of reinforcement.
Technical Data
Index Naphthalene based Set retarding superplasticizer powder
Appearance Yello brown powder
Solid Content (%) 92 min
PH Value 7-9
Chloride Content (%) 0.01 max
Sodium Sulphate Content (%) 5-10
Fitness(%) 0.315mm Residue 5 max
Total Alkali Content(%) 1.0-2.5
Cement Net Fluidity (mm) 260
Index Naphthalene based Set retarding superplasticizer liquid
Appearance Dark brown liquid
Solid Content (%) 50 min
Density 1.20-1.28
PH Value 7-9
Chloride Content (%) 0.01 max
Sodium Sulphate Content (%) 5-10
Total Alkali Content (%) 0.5 max
Cement Net Fluidity (mm) 260
Physical properties of concrete
Water reducing ratio 20 min
ratio of bleeding rate 80 max
air content 3 max
Difference in setting time Initial setting time >+90
Final setting time
Ratio of compressive strength 1d ----
3d ----
7d 140 min
28d 125 min
Ratio of shrinkage 28d 135 max
Corrosion of reinforcement NO
Good adaptability to all kinds of cement, suitable for cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, pumped concrete, mass concrete, high-performance concrete, prestressed concrete and other concrete, widely used in highways, Bridges, tunnels, ports, docks and power projects.
Product specifications
1.It can extend the concrete setting time, retarding effect increases with the dosage increasing, will not affect the late hydration and long strength growth.
2. Low slump loss, in line with pumping agent standards, slump loss significantly reduced.
3. With high plasticization, high quality flow plasticized concrete with good pumping ability can be obtained. 
4. No damage to steel bar corrosion. 
Recommended dosage and usage
The dosage of powder is 0.7 ~ 1.5% of the cement dosage, and the common dosage is 1.0%.The liquid content is 1.5% ~ 3.0%
Package and Storage
Package:Powder package with woven fabric bag with plastic liner, including 25kg/50kg bag.Liquid package with 200kg drum,IBC tank and Flexitank.
Storage:It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry.Its shelf life is one year, if after the expiration date, it can continue to use when the testing results fall within the established range.
Transportation:This product is non-toxic and non- explosive. It can be transported by truck, ship and train.


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