Air entraining agent powder

Air entraining agent powder
Meet ASTM C260-2006/ASTMC233,GB8076-1997 standards
Air entrainment agent refers to the admixture that can introduce a large number of evenly distributed tiny bubbles in the concrete mixing process, in order to reduce the bleeding and segregation of concrete mixture, improve workability, and can significantly improve the frost resistance and durability of hardened concrete.
Air entrainment agent is a kind of surfactant, which is dissolved in water and added into the concrete mixture to make the concrete mixture introduce air in the mixing process and form a large number of small, closed and stable bubble additives.
Air entrainer can improve the workability, water retention and cohesion of concrete mixture, improve the fluidity of concrete, and introduce a large number of admixtures with evenly distributed, closed and stable small bubbles into the mixing process of concrete mixture.
ASTM C260-01 standard
Performance Index Performance Index
Setting time/(Compared to the contrast sample)   Breaking strength (Compared to the contrast sample)/%  
Initial setting time No earlier than the contrast sample 75min or Later than the comparison sample 75min 3d 90
Final setting time No earlier than the contrast sample 75min or Later than the comparison sample 75min 7d 90
Compressive strength(Compared to the contrast sample)%   28d 90
3d 90 Change in length, maximum shrinkage(Optional requirement)  
7d 90 The percentage value of the comparison sample % 120
28d 90 Exceeds the value of the comparison sample 0.006
Net amount of bleeding mixing water(Not greater than the maximum proportion of reference concrete)/% 2 Relative durability factor /mix 80
Product Parameters
Model Item Index
Appearance White powder
Solid content(%) 92 min
PH value 7-10
Inorganic salt content(NaCl+Na2SO4)(%) 5 max
Water content(%) 3 max
Model Item Index
Appearance Light yellow liquid/colorless liquid
Solid content(%) 40 min
PH value 7-10
Inorganic salt content(NaCl+Na2SO4)(%) 3 max
Application Scope
Air entrainment agent is mainly used in structures with high frost resistance requirements, such as concrete dam, road surface, bridge surface, airstrip surface and other large areas vulnerable to freezing. It can also be used in commercial concrete, pumped concrete, waterproof concrete, hydraulic concrete, road concrete, high-strength concrete (dosage should be controlled) and high-performance concrete and other concrete.
Air entraining agent have a wide range of applications. They can be applied to all types of concrete except steam raised concrete and prestressed concrete, for example:
1. Used to improve workability, workability, pumpability and evenness of fresh concrete.
2. Used to improve the durability of hardened concrete such as impermeability, frost resistance and carbonization resistance.
3. Used to improve concrete bleeding water, prevent concrete segregation, reduce concrete settlement shrinkage.
4. It is used in ordinary concrete to replace tens of times of water reducing agent or high efficiency water reducing agent with very little content to improve the technical and economic benefits of concrete.
5. Used to improve the interface properties of concrete.
6. Pump concrete, commercial concrete and high performance concrete to prevent secondary adsorption of cement particles, improve the plasticity of concrete and reduce the loss of concrete slump.
Practice has proved that the application of air entrainment agent in commercial concrete, pumped concrete, waterproof concrete, hydraulic concrete, road congealed soil, high strength concrete (the dosage should be controlled) can achieve better technical and economic benefits.
Main performance
1. The concrete slump, fluidity and plasticity can be improved by adding air entraining agent.
2. Reduce concrete bleeding and segregation, improve the homogeneity of concrete.
3. Improve hardened concrete impermeability, frost resistance, carbonization resistance and other durability.
4. The thermal diffusion and conductivity of concrete are reduced, which improves the volume stability of concrete, enhances the weatherability of field structure, and prolongs the service life of road concrete.
5. It greatly improves the frost resistance, salinization resistance, permeability resistance, sulfate resistance and alkali aggregate resistance of concrete.
Product Usage
The content of air entraining agent in concrete is generally 0.010%~0.013% of the dosage of cementitious material (measured in liquid). The specific content should be determined by concrete mixture test according to sand and stone used in construction.
The dosage should be strictly controlled because the dosage is quite small.
Package,Storage and Transportation
Package:Powder package with woven fabric bag with plastic liner, including 25kg/50kg bag.Liquid package with 200kg drum,IBC tank and Flexitank.
Storage:It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry.Its shelf life is one year, if after the expiration date, it can continue to use when the testing results fall within the established range.
Transportation:This product is non-toxic and non- explosive. It can be transported by truck, ship and train.


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