Pumping agent/Polycarboxylate based pumping agent

Pumping agent/Polycarboxylate based pumping agent
Concrete pumping agent is composed of water-reducing agent and other functional admixtures. It can greatly improve the fluidity of the mixture, and maintain the fluidity of the mixture for a long time, so that the concrete can still maintain good workability after pressure transport, no
segregation and no bleeding.

Technical Data
Index Polycarboxylate based pumping agent powder
Appearance white powder/white yellow powder
Solid Content (%) 95 min
 PH Value 5-7
Chloride Content (%) 0.01 max
Sodium Sulphate Content (%) 0.5 max
Total Alkali Content (%) 0.3% max
Cement Net Fluidity (mm) 260
Index Polycarboxylate based pumping agent liquid
Appearance Colorless liquid/Light yellow liquid
Solid Content (%) 50 min
Density 1.05-1.18
PH Value 5-7
Chloride Content (%) 0.01 max
Sodium Sulphate Content (%) 0.5 max
Total Alkali Content (%) 0.3 max
Cement Net Fluidity (mm) 260

Product performance
1.The slump loss is small, which can meet the long-distance transportation of commercial concrete.
2.Stable chemical properties, good safety performance, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable.Winter does not crystallize.
3. Reducing water enhances the effect well.Water reduction rate is above 25%, can be prepared below C80 pumped concrete. 
4. Good durability.This product is low alkali content, basic does not contain Chloride salt, low concrete shrink. 
5. Good construction quality.This product has obvious retarding effect, greatly reducing the early hydration heat of concrete, and its initial setting time is delayed to about 10h. It can also be adjusted appropriately according to the needs of customers. It has good water-retention performance without bleeding, segregation.The 2h loss is small and has a certain air content, which improves the flexural performance of concrete and greatly improves the elastic modulus and waterproof and impermeable functions of concrete.
6. It can meet the requirements of pumping concrete construction under the temperature of 0℃ ~ 40℃. Vertical pumping ≥100m, horizontal pumping ≥500m, water reduction rate up to 25%, large liquidity slump of 260mm, 1h slump loss ≤20mm.
7. This product can reduce the friction resistance of the mixture in the conveying pipe. 
8. This product has strong adaptability to all kinds of cement, especially good effect when mixed with ultrafine mineral admixture.
9. Compared with domestic pumping agents, this product greatly reduces the amount of potassium, sodium and chloride ions, can prevent alkali - aggregate reaction of concrete and corrosion of steel reinforcement, and improve the service life of concrete structure.
Recommended dosage and usage
1.The dosage is generally 1.0%-2.5% of the cementitious material. In the preparation of high strength concrete, the dosage can be 1.5%-5.0%.The specific dosage should be determined by test.
2.Generally add into the mixer at the same time with the mixing water and stir until the specified time.
Package and Storage
Package:Powder package with woven fabric bag with plastic liner, including 25kg/40kg bag.Liquid package with 200kg drum,IBC tank and Flexitank.
Storage:It should be stored in a dedicated warehouse that is well-ventilated and dry.Its shelf life is one year, if after the expiration date, it can continue to use when the testing results fall within the established range.
Transportation:This product is non-toxic and non- explosive. It can be transported by truck, ship and train.
This product conforms to JC473-2001 concrete pumping agent and GB8076-2008 concrete admixture specification


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