Weifang beacon chemical building materials co., Ltd

Weifang beacon chemical building materials co., Ltd was found in 2008, as the leader manufacturer of concrete admixtures, we produce Polycarboxylate superplasticizer, Naphthalene based water reducer, Air entraining agent, Retarder agent, Plastic retaining agent, Sodium lignosulphonate, Dispersant NNO/Tamol NN,Dispersant MF and other admixtures, Widely used in railway, highway, bridge, dam, tunnel and high-speed railway concrete construction, as well as mortar construction and other industries.
Dispersant NNO/Tamol NN,Dispersant MF,Sodium lignosulphonate and some products can also be used in printing and dyeing,textile,rubber and pesticide and other industries.
At present, our production capacity of various concrete additives exceeds 200,000 tons per year, and exports to Brazil, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Qatar and other countries and regions. We are aimed to provide customers with high quality concrete additives and related solutions with a technical team over 30 engineers and production & sales personnel, total 110 people.
The company’s product quality is stable, high market share.At the same time, our technical team can customize production for customers according to the requirements of customers in different regions, according to different concrete mix ratio, concrete strength requirements, setting time requirements and other requirements to produce concrete admixtures in line with customer requirements, And solve any problems related to concrete and concrete admixtures for customers.
Meanwhile, we are committed to environmental protection by new product’s development, mainly in performance of concrete improvement, including strength, durability and workability of concrete. Eliminating environmental pollution and sustainable development are our goals.